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Rust Alpha 0 download
Rust Alpha 0

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Rust Alpha 0

Rest is one of the most popular titles, first person action, survival and construction – 300 game servers for more than one game. Delight gamers looking for something different.


If you start a new game for the old games will fall in the open area of ​​the island at any time. One stone a torch with two tires easily ponder zenukeBizirikschob survive in the wild, the player linear and certain other risks. Fortunately, help protect stone materials (wood,Stone, etc.).

Minecraft is a concept known to everyone who knows. To rebuild the production of new facilities and changing environment, for example, and rebooting the device, you can build a house. But unlike Minecraft’s calm, relentless thing duDayZ in Rust, your server will gladly help you to steal your resources. You can convert your friends and other players to take on your adventures, but will inevitablyBe attacked, rob the house (using explosives to open the door) and let the dead.

Bold game

Construction does not mislead rust This is the end of Minecraft-shozhosti.Neobhidno to find shelter, keep warm, eat just gabeBizirauteko is crucial. In addition, you will have to find ways to protect yourself, to make weapons and armor to defend the attack. Rest is a great asset to the conflict, and a greater emphasis on long-term survivalFrom Minecraft to those who are tired of their offer.

Rusty looks spectacular at the moment you start, even if the powerful computers really need to appreciate it. But despite the technical quality, it is repeatable environment. There are options of dagoUharteetan crossing grass and big rocks are becoming very annoying.

Creation new earth

Oxide is still under development, but it tries to set a new standard for the genre. Survival, construction and combination diypovnyy, clear rust MinecraftAgainst them.

Note that the number of objects that can build the current version is very limited, but growing with the development of rust.

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