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DOSBox 0.74 torrent download
DOSBox 0.74

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DOSBox 0.74

Remember the good old days when computers had k86 chips and MS-DOS is the central operating system for everyone? It seems that more technical knowledge is needed to use the computer well.

DOSBok allows those who are still nostalgic for that time are not long games and applications that work under DOS emulation.Obviously, we have to start thinking about all important DOS tasks, editing and applications, or simply browse the directory.

DOSBok site offers a large list of all games can play under DOS, but does not include a download link. You need to search the internet to find them.

AdvantageDOSBok compared to other emulators is not a hetbeperkt game. Remember the great application you used to work on DOS, years? If you find it, there is a good chance that you will work in DosBok.

DOSBoku, any game or application used to mimic driving under MS-DOS. MoKailangang’ll be niceWith DOS commands use DOSBok though.


More including:

Many small special games / Hacks / support. (Attack, roadhog GTA installer, Kingdom O ‘Magic detection sound, Pirate Booter, Armored Fist installer)

Add the color of the S3-specific 640k480 256 mode. (Corrections to be returnedOn “wooden ships and Iron Man” and “I have no mouth and has to pull it out”)

ReparerenEen Stack Overflov can crashDOSBok.

Add a fake microphone. (Fikes Talking Parrot)

Deactivate Change Adlibkod, so it does not turn off in cases where the same sound is always repeated.

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