13 04, 2023

What is an Accounting Period?

By |2023-10-17T09:58:06-03:00abril 13th, 2023|Bookkeeping|

Bookkeepers still make transaction entries, of course, but other individuals also contribute entries as well. They generally make manual entries through onscreen forms, but many entries are also made automatically (for instance, by a point of sales system). An Accounting [...]

8 02, 2022

ATAX Franchise Costs & Fees

By |2023-10-26T05:18:39-03:00febrero 8th, 2022|Bookkeeping|

At OnePoint, we exist to simplify and improve the accuracy and timely delivery of digital accounting information for franchises – serving franchisors, franchisees and multi-unit operators. Download our FREE informational kit to see how you can own and operate your [...]

28 12, 2021

Year Calendar, Astronomy & Timekeeping

By |2023-10-24T06:17:02-03:00diciembre 28th, 2021|Bookkeeping|

The Hijri calendar is used to determine dates for Islamic holidays and rituals like Eid al Bakr and Ramadan. In accounting (and particularly accounting software), a fiscal calendar (such as a 4/4/5 calendar) fixes each month at a specific number [...]

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